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I just read an article of a woman that desperately wanted a baby after she was 40 but then wrote about her experience, to help other women think before they actually do get pregnant while in their later years.

Can you have babies after 40? Sure you can. Should you get pregnant after 40, maybe not, although that’s a choice everyone should make for themselves.

There are physical reasons not to do it:

  • As your eggs age, there is more chance of the child having genetic issues, this is one reason why many women will have their eggs frozen. However, I’m not sure if there are any implications from the freezing process.
  • You may not have the energy to handle a baby at an older age. Even those that have babies in their 20s talk about how draining it is.

Then there are other concerns:

  • Finances. Are you prepared for the added finances, especially with the possibilities of complications for the mother and the child? Not to mention increased costs for school, etc. while working on preparing for retirement as well.
  • Not considering how hard it will be. I have a friend that had her child at 43 and she told me “I can’t believe how hard it is being a mother.”, her baby was under a year at that time.

However, if you do want to get pregnant at a later stage in life, there is so much research that shows the effectiveness in Chinese medicine to help in that process. Some do 100% Chinese medicine, and some combine it with Western medicine for IVF, etc.

Here is the full article for you to read for yourself, or anyone you may know that wants to have a child in their later years.