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Chinese Medicine


Lifestyle Planning

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Acupuncture is well known for it’s treatment of pain, but it’s also highly effective for many ailments.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for centuries as a primary healing art, from the common cold, to more serious conditions.

Lifestyle Planning

Many health conditions require changing your lifestyle habits, to a healthier way of living. We can help guide you on that journey.


The “standard American diet” (SAD) contributes, or worsens health conditions. Let’s explore a healthier nutritional path together.

Whole Food Supplements

When your body is deficient in the proper vitamins and minerals, it needs natural supplemental help, in it’s whole food combination.

Your Practitioner

White-Eagle Perry has dedicated his life to helping people transform their life, to be able to live their life to the fullest. He especially enjoys helping those that have tried everything else, but nothing really seemed to work.

He loves seeing people regain their health, increase their energy, reduce or eliminate their pain, improve their quality of life, and live their life to the fullest.

Our Services

Pain Management

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Dry Needling are all well known for reducing or eliminating pain. Usually Western medicine has no solution for chronic pain.

Acute/Chronic Pain

Arthritis Pain

Back Pain/Sciatica

Hip/Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Wrist/Hand Pain




Many neurological disorders can be effectively treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The earlier the better, so get started right away.

Stroke Recovery

Multiple Sclerosis


Nerve Pain

Bell's Palsy



Parkinson's Disease

Men’s Health

Men have unique health concerns that needs to be addressed, especially as you get older. As a man over 50, White-Eagle understands a man’s concerns over these areas of health.

Prostate Issues

Heart Disease

Declined Libido


Lacking Energy

Erectile Dysfunction

Aches and Pains

Weight Gain

General Health

From the common cold, to psoriasis, we can help you.



IBS/Digestive Issues



Chronic Fatigue



Heart Disease

Weight Loss



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